Doku-San Otomotiv

About Doku-San

Doku-San Otomotiv serves the automotive industry with its cold sheet forming, and mould, control fixture and welding fixture manufacturing capabilities.

Doku-San Otomotiv

Cold Forming Sheet Metal

An annual sheet metal processing capacity of 4,000 tons for cold forming sheet metal and projection spot welding processes customised to customer requirements.

Doku-San Otomotiv

Mould & Fixture Manufacturing

Process design, mould design as well as tandem mould, progressive mould, transfer mould and prototype mould manufacturing activities are carried out on the factory floor.



Mould and control fixture designs remain true to the mathematical models (Surface), plans, sample parts, technical specifications, etc. provided by the customer. Prototype parts are developed and made ready for mass manufacturing using CAD/CAM, AutoCAD and other design software.

The activities in all departments are planned and executed as necessary to ensure that the entire process from the raw material stage to sales runs in accordance with the customer requirements, the targeted level of quality as well as Doku-San's manufacturing and quality policies.

Customer programs are received via EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), ensuring quicker and more secure communication. The system infrastructure satisfies the EDIFACT norms. Shipments are delivered to customers at the predefined dates and intervals following the rules of FIFO.