Environmental Policy

Doku-San Oto Yan San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti. management and all its employees commit to the principles listed below in line with ISO 14001 standard in all areas of operation;

  • In the context environment; adhere to current compliance obligations, fulfil customer requirements, observe the local Municipality's requirements,
  • Prevent environmental pollution by constantly improving all products and activities as long as it is technologically and financially feasible
  • Use all energy sources and natural resources efficiently,
  • Identify and keep under control all environmental impacts which are or may be caused by any of our departments,
  • Boost the recycling and recovery figures of all our departments to decrease waste,
  • Prevent environmental pollution by prioritising environmentally friendly or milder options,
  • Inspire environmental awareness among all employees. Also, inspire environmental sensitivity in collaboration with suppliers and sub-contractors,
  • Participate and assist in the environmentally relevant activities conducted by both public and private organisations.