Quality Policy

Our company's primary objective is to attain the highest level of quality of sheet metal part manufacturing possible in the automotive industry.

This objective calls for;

  • Continued and consistent support/participation from the senior management,
  • The employees' rights to be respected,
  • Quality awareness among the employees and training,
  • The understanding of competitive quality to be reflected upon all functions throughout our organisation and for a data-driven management system to be maintained,
  • Technological advancements to be monitored and used as a tool of quality improvement for our manufacturing methods,
  • Methods, which prevent the reoccurrence of mistakes, to be implemented,
  • Supplier improvement,
  • The "Continued Improvement" philosophy to be maintained,
  • Environmentally friendliness.

As the employees of Doku-San, we commit to constantly develop and improve what we do in line with the principles listed above and to fulfil our customers' requirements.